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Welcome to Cephas Thrift Shop

We worked with Amazon for a number of years

Amazon closed us down claiming not to do stores anymore that was the 2nd time

First time: simply links into Amazon now free. They claimed Colorado sales tax reason for dropping my affiliation.

We are tired of regrouping.

This website is one of many others by CMI since 1996.
We are a nonprofit Family Foundation, tax exempt. We offer Books, DVDs, CDs, Audio Cassettes, VHS and over time, like any other thrift store, many items you might be interested in at a thrift shop price plus shipping.

What you purchase is a donaiton and tax exempt. We are phasing out at a 90% discount on almost all books, 80% discount on CDs, DVDs, VHS & 50% discount on Audio Cassettes.

We do not have enough business to make it worthwhile to cover cost of credit card providers. There are new laws that require more fees and monthly fees. We have decided to go with invoices.

Save the invoice to your PC and print out. Fill in what you would like us to send to you to name and address to ship to. Attach it to your email to us with the order form:

If you don't have the equipment just email an order and we will take it from there.

We'll get in touch with you to set up the order and send within 2 days.

You will get a link to PayPal and make a donation for the amount due. They will notify us of your donation. It will be deductible from your income tax.

OR you can send a check, moneyorder or cash to

PO Box 351944
Westminster CO 80035-1944
phone: 303 452 1104

Very important you add your name and address, email, phone # so we can get in touch.

We will be adding many other items at minimum cost to you as time permits.

No orders accepted from foreign countries

Our phone:
303 452 1104 (24/7) leave a message (phone #) to return your call.

Thanks for stopping by. Tell your friends about our websites: